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Welcome to the new msnbc.com

Though we are in a bit of a remodeling period as we continue through the weekend working to make sure the site works as it should, we have rolled out many of the changes we've been promising all week.
We have been working toward this for a long time, and we couldn't be more excited about finally being able to share it with you.
Tell us what you think, and what you'd like to see next. We can't wait to keep working to make the site better for you.
Update at 11:44 p.m. PT
Did we mention that change is hard? We have a couple of days of hard work in front of us. If your favorite thing is missing, it's likely still being perfected. Things you think don't work quite right are still being developed so that they work.
Here are some things that you don't see now but will:
Near the top of the home page, there will be a section that you can customize for your local news and weather. Many of you are looking for your personalized information -- don't worry, we didn't forget you, it will already be set to your preferences.
Your local weather (or whatever ZIP code you choose) will display at the top of the page.
In Business, you'll be able to get the latest on the stocks in your portfolio. In Sports, you'll be able to get the scores you care most about.
And in the weeks to come, you'll see more of the changes that you've requested.
We'll keep you updated as we work through the weekend.