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Where's my ... ???

This is the first installment of "Where's my ...??" It's Sunday and we're still under construction, but in the meantime we thought we should point you to some things you've been looking for.

Question: Where is my Sudoku/crossword/comics/puzzle?
Answer: Ouch! That was an unexpected outage. All of those are now fixed. You can find them as you always have. There are links in several places: On the home page at the bottom of the news menu, there are shortcuts that take you right there. Also in the left-hand news menu of the home page, if you click on Entertainment you will find links. You can also click to the Entertainment front and find them in the news menu there. Soon, on the Entertainment section front there will be a "Games" tab where you'll also be able to find all of this in one place.

Question: Where is the Peculiar Postings section?
Answer: The short answer is that it's now called "Weird news," and as always, can be found in the U.S. news section. We have revamped the organization of the site to make it more logical. Part of that effort is to name news categories simply what they are, rather than feel the need to come up with cute names. "Call it what it is," has been our mantra, and in the process we have changed the names of a few of our sections. It's an effort to be as clear as possible, to help all of our readers find the kind of content they're most interested in. Also, it's important that msnbc.com content be accessible by our own site search, as well as other search engines, and this helps in that area too.

Question: Where is my personalized local news and weather? What about my stocks? Where are my sports scores?
Answer: We know how important this customized information is to you. And in the new design, it will be more prominent, easier to access and even more flexible. And if you've already input your settings, don't worry -- we didn't forget you. You won't have to do it again. All of these personalized features went offline just for the weekend, and we hate that we've made you wait. We expect them up and running by the time you wake up Monday morning.