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With you, not for you



video player
– check

Nightly News site
– check

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what's next? Everything else. Only this time, we'd like to make changes with
you, not just for you. Think of this blog as where we all meet up, in

  • We'll post our early thoughts on everything from page
    design problems to new site features and even entirely new sites.
  • You tell us what you do and don't like in the comments.
  • Later, we'll follow up with another post, often
    including mockups and prototypes—real behind the scenes stuff.
  • Your comments will again help refine our work.
  • When we publish changes or launch new features, we'll
    post how they're working out.
  • And we'll turn again to the comments for help with any
    problems post-launch.

together just sounds more fun. So if you're in, bookmark us. Or get our feed.
Or memorize alphachannel.msnbc.msn.com. Or just look at the bottom of the
msnbc.com homepage soon for the latest post. But do come back often. We'll make it worth
your while. Totally.