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How do you find out about breaking news?

— There are plenty of ways you might find out about breaking news: you might happen to visit a website just as something is happening, you might be watching TV or listening to the radio, maybe you get a call or instant message or email from a friend, or find out through our breaking news RSS feed or Windows Live Alerts, or hear about it from us or another person on Twitter (have I mentioned we have several accounts on various topics on Twitter?). I found out about 9/11 from eavesdropping on a phone conversation while waiting in line for coffee. Like I said, plenty of ways.

Hearing about it is one thing. Finding out more about it might be another. If you hear about it on the web, maybe you turn on your TV to be up-to-the-minute. If you see it on the TV first, maybe you call a friend to tell them about it, or go to the web to read more about it. Needless to say, there are plenty of ways to hear about something, and plenty of options to learn more about it.



We are interested in learning more about what you do when these news
events happen in order to better respond to how you get the news and
then react to it. We are also interested in figuring out how new technology and web offerings could allow for faster awareness, the ability to better track a breaking news story, and perhaps get more focused and detailed updates as the news is happening.

Think of the last few times breaking news has happened.

  • How did you
    hear about it?
  • Where did you go after you heard about?
  • Did the topic of
    the news affect where you went to learn more about it? For example, if it was news about a celebrity, did you go to a celebrity gossip page first? If it was local news, did you first call or email someone you know that lived there?
  • Did you wish there was a way to more closely follow the breaking news as it's happening? Would you want to track breaking news and get little updates as they come out? How would you want to follow it: on the web? email? widget? phone? alerts?